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BoyxBoy Chapter 5 Part 3
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A tall, blond male stepped up into the doorway. He strode inside as if he owned the place, his nose high in the air, and his fluffy hair lifting up into the air resistance to his saunter like fluttering golden wings. Even Atasuke was slightly awed. The stunning specimen wore off-white slacks and a crisply pressed, deep blue polo shirt.
"Takehiko Kanegawa," he announced primly. Takehiko then looked from one tenant to the other as if expecting something from them. Manabu began to uncertainly bring his hands together for an applause. When no one else joined in he coughed and fumbled to cross his arms.
"Well?" Takehiko's voice trilled. It almost sounded like silver bells, like dew trembling in the air.  "Where's my man servant?"
Everyone stared back blankly. Wait. He was serious.
"I'll be your man servant," Masu purred, licking his lips and crouching low as if ready pounce. Despi
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BoyxBoy Chapter 5 Part 2
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Kaoru flitted around the house, donning a peach colored apron, gripping a duster one moment, a mop the next, then a vacuum cleaner, sponge, windex... Kaoru's strawberry blond hair was pulled back in a short, bouncy ponytail that made Katashi punch himself in the face as he forced himself to acknowledge, once again, that this dainty creature was a man. Dazed and slightly nauseous, Katashi meandered through the mansion, when he spied Shouta spraying a night stand with Pledge and Manabu wiping up a thick layer of dust with a dishrag. In the kitchen he found Izanagi putting away the cereal boxes he ordinarily left all over the house. Even Masu was gliding along the wooden floor of the dining room in long black socks. But most startling of all was the sight of Atasuke in the living room, digging cigarette butts out from between couch cushions and tossing them into an ash tray, the first Katashi had ever
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BoyxBoy Chapter 5 Part 1
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"Oh my goodness!"
"What now?"
When Katashi sauntered into the kitchen that morning, half asleep, mid-yawn, he was at a total loss as to what all the fuss was about. He'd never seen every tenant in the mansion all equally interested in the same thing. Even Izanagi, who suddenly appeared frozen in time, his hand clasping a spoonful of cereal, which hovered inches away from his open mouth.
"Whazzuhhhh...?" Katashi began, voice trailing off when he caught sight of the main attraction:
A slip of paper, emblazoned with curly-q writing, lying at the very center of the dining table.
"Whazzat?" Katashi said instead, moving forward to scoop it up.
"Don't," Natsuko commanded with surprising urgency, thrusting an arm in Katashi path. Natsuko, who looked inexplicably peeved, approached the letter slowly, as if afraid to startle it.
"What is it?" Katashi whispered to Manabu, who was suddenly standing rig
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It must be winter by boyxboy-manga It must be winter :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 13 3
BoyxBoy Chapter 4 Part 3
The lighter's flame suddenly fizzled out. "No more fluid..." Atasuke said, but Natsuko didn't reply. Atasuke wondered why he even bothered saying anything at all. He held his cigarette out, squinting through the pitiful light it provided.  Something glinted in the darkness from Atasuke's miniscule light source. His pale blue eyes flickered in the direction of it, but it was gone...whatever it was...perhaps, a ghoulish grinning face? Wait. Could Atasuke's imagination be getting the better of him? Atasuke stopped walking, and Natsuko stopped too, looking irritated. He journeyed over to where he'd seen it...when suddenly, he and Natsuko were immersed in darkness... The cigarette was dislodged from Atasuke's grasp.
Atasuke and Natasuko said nothing.
"Petrified," Atasuke returned. He moved in the direction of the voice, hoping to hit Masu as hard as he could, when he bumped i
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BoyxBoy Chapter 4 Part 2
"Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Ohhhh...I KNOW I put it in here... Oh dear, I can't FIND IT! Oh Shouta...what are we to DO?" Kaoru wailed, digging through the pantry in front of him. Shouta gazed down the increasingly dark hallway. It was nearly night time. Soon, there would be absolutely no light left. Shouta did all he could to suppress a sigh. Kaoru's fear of the dark would only get worse without a flashlight...
"I could use my DS," Shouta offered, digging the portable game system out of his pocket.
" need more light than that...." Kaoru returned distractedly, "Oh...WHERE did I put it--I never seem able to find things when I need them. OH DEAR I'M SO VERY FRIGHTENED!" Kaoru squealed, tearing through the pantry with increased fervor. He was wildly tossing things out of it and moaning out of sheer panic when Shouta stooped to pick up something off the floor that had rolled to his feet. He clicked on the flashlight as several more objects flew over his head from the
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BoyxBoy Chapter 4 Part 1
"With one loss, the battle's just begun."
Katashi swatted the blackboard behind him with the pointer in his hand emphatically. Scribbled across the board's dark green surface were illegible notes and what looked like a diagram for a football strategy. "They gays won the battle, but they haven't won the war."
Manabu sunk in his seat. The smile on his face felt permanently plastered there. He tried to not look as if this was as painful as it really was. How many more clichéd pep lines did Manabu have to endure? When was Katashi going to realize the REAL reason Manabu was there?
Wait. Did he WANT Katashi to realize that?
Not really, but Manabu wasn't exactly thrilled by the reason Katashi THOUGHT he was there.
"Alright, Manabu. I need your help. There's no way I can successfully complete this mission alone." Katashi stared hard-faced at Manabu, as if the situation was life-or-death. Manabu was reminded painfully of war movies his father had forced him to sit through. "Alright!" Katas
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Character Profile - Takehiko by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Takehiko :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 9 3 Character Profile - Shouta by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Shouta :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 6 4 Character Profile - Natsuko by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Natsuko :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 3 3 Character Profile - Masu by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Masu :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 10 2 Character Profile - Manabu by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Manabu :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 5 5 Character Profile - Katashi by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Katashi :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 6 4 Character Profile - Kaoru by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Kaoru :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 8 3 Character Profile - Atasuke by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Atasuke :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 5 5 Character Profile - Izanagi by boyxboy-manga Character Profile - Izanagi :iconboyxboy-manga:boyxboy-manga 5 3


Catch It by Khalitzburg Catch It :iconkhalitzburg:Khalitzburg 31,434 4,457



Sensei and Cheesy
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Even though Sensei said nothing much has changed, I feel the need to update the journal because I keep going on the Boyxboy page feeling restless. I've been sick, so I've had time to actually update this! I got inspired because Sensei's birthday came round again, and I always write a Boyxboy chapter for her birthday! Every time this happens, I feel inspired again, and the need to write more and actually get my butt in gear.

We've waited years for Takehiko, and I'm eager to write about him. Plus, all the juiciest parts are still up and coming. This is a yaoi, right? Where's all the sex you ask? It's time I got to writing that, too. I don't think I can put my pencil down until we get some steam up in here.

Anyway, sorry to everyone who turned to stone waiting for the story to get rolling. I hope some old familiar faces (and some new ones) will show up to join in on the fun. I'm going to nag Sensei until she starts posting some art for this site! (But remember, she is an art student, a very busy art student). I myself am a full time student and a part time canvasser (I get paid for raing money for good causes).

But enough of that! Let's get this ball rolling!

P.S: Sensei is the other half of this account: :iconelaine-sensei:


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